How To Work And Succeed As Freelance Artist In 2022

Never be late while sending back the project, always have your financial stuff done and make working with you a truly positive experience. No matter how much you don’t want to admit it – the Internet is the main tool you have to use to build your presence in the art business world. You want to be your own boss, which means you need to impose some obligations to yourself, and it may seem a little scary. That’s one of the main reasons why artists hesitate to build their own businesses – the fear of not making it and letting themselves down. I do the same, I have a good job as Airport Security screener and have enough days off to produce art. My free days are to paint and make art even when I come tired from work at night. While following your suggestion yesterday I set up a Facebook page yesterday ” Bonnie arts and craft”, it has got 190 likes in 24 hours.

It will take much time and energy, but there will be moments when you’ll be able to promote your personal work. Once you have a full-time job you need to be 100% sure you’re ready to quit. Building your personal appearance in business will take you some time, so don’t jump to conclusions too soon. Give yourself a while to find clients and don’t discourage yourself when there’s no real income at the beginning. Working in a company will give you the experience you’ll never get by yourself.

Keep Your Routine

The coach can work with physical or online appointments or yet, create a specific online course for a determined audience. To be a good coach, you need to study a lot and know how to analyze and anticipate problematic situations that may come up on a professional day-to-day. The coach works more actively with people who want to have professional development. She poses actions, challenges and provides her clients with knowledge. And speaking of languages, the most common is to find translators from English to any other language and vice-versa.

how to successfully work from home and why it's an art

Our engineering and product teams use Trello because it’s probably the simplest and clearest way to track their projects – even with all the other tools we have. This is a highly practical guide from our own blog. When most companies embrace remote working, they take care of the technological aspects right away. They have tools for video conferencing and project management, and they think about how they’ll do their stand up meetings and one-on-ones.

Optimize Your Time

Are you budgeting enough time to finish commissions? When I was getting TAA up and running, the website was a mess on the back end. While you need to work hard, you have to maintain the engine of your new business – you. It’s a marathon and you’ll have to fuel accordingly.

how to successfully work from home and why it's an art

Best of all, you can set up the consignment shop in your own home, if you have an available space for it. Identify that branch with which you most identify and start your business!. It’s also interesting to bet on personalized products that make great gifts. Today, people are looking for more affordable places to stay how to work from home successfully when traveling – but, of course, without giving up comfort. You can advertise your services in the neighborhood where you live or even use social networks to tell all your friends about your work. You’ll need to invest in a printer to print the art to be used on the products or maybe you can outsource the printing.


The romance of it is a little lost when you factor in the practicality of money and all the bills you have to pay. In this time of uncertainty, it’s particularly easy to feel stressed out or overwhelmed. As much as possible, try to practice patience — with yourself, with your colleagues, your homeschooling children if applicable, and with anyone else with whom you live. Cultivating and expressing gratitude can make you a better leader, and it can also help you thrive in the face of change. There’s no office buzz going on around them, and they miss it. For others, playing music — especially with headphones in — can help cut out the noise from family members or roommates who might also be working or schooling from home.

  • Use remote work productivity tools to stay focused and remain on schedule.
  • So we sold everything we had and opened a picture framing shop.
  • An interesting thing, which can even add value to your business, is to offer extra services.
  • It is recommended for people who are experts in a field, so they can advise others who are more inexperienced.
  • For more tips on this topic, check out Toptal’s article on staying healthy while working remotely.

Let them know what you want to do and they will support you – if you keep your word and continue showing up. Working from home may once have been perceived as a welcome reprieve from long commutes and office politics. But as the coronavirus pandemic continues, some people are finding that the work-from-home reality is a far cry from the fantasy.

Growing A Business

Keep in mind that during the stressful times we’re all experiencing due to the pandemic, you may need to be more flexible with yourself and with colleagues. Acknowledge that meetings may need to be canceled or rescheduled on short notice, and work with your team to keep lines of communication open. Also, consider taking an honest look at your virtual persona and how effective your virtual communications are.

As a society, we tend to consider management a title rather than a skill, something to promote people to, as well as a way in which you can abstract yourself from the work product. When you remove the physical office space—the place where people are yelled at in private offices or singled out in meetings—it becomes a lot harder to spook people as a type of management. In fact, your position at a company becomes more difficult to justify if all you do is delegate and nag people. Steven Vargas, an artist and journalist based in Los Angeles, says he writes lists every morning to help him set goals for the workday. If you’re an existing employee in an organization, there are also benefits to spending time with your colleagues. The longer you’re separated from them, the more your overall sense of mission tends to drift. In order to ensure that your organization retains elements of its culture that you value, it’s important to engage frequently with your coworkers to stay aligned about your core values.

Take Short Breaks

That’s 4.5 hours per week or 200 hours (8.33 days) per year. The average annual salary for a freelance artist in the United States is $53,000. Of course, this all depends on the artist’s field and how much they want to work. But there’s nothing wrong with opting for a simpler solution like SquareSpace, especially when you’re just starting out. Social media can also offer you a great avenue to offer and promote your services.

  • Having a schedule is key, but harder than you think.
  • The author presents three ways the office can make your working life easier.
  • A significant drawback to freelancing is the lack of structured, guaranteed payment.
  • Social media can also offer you a great avenue to offer and promote your services.
  • Acknowledge that you’re doing your best and that your team members are as well.

Make it impactful and meaningful to forge and strengthen relationships. Communicate dates and hours for your work time, what capacity you are working in, and how others can get in touch.

Ending Your Day:

If you can’t do that, use small objects that will help you create the mental shift from play to work, whether it is an inspiring photo or your favorite coffee mug. If a client tries to convince you that volunteering for them will get your career going – just delete his number from the phone. Be a good listener, be polite and try to understand everything the client wants from you. Have a professional attitude, always respond quickly and communicate in a clear way.

how to successfully work from home and why it's an art

If you have no need for this anymore, toss that Outlook app far, far away. If you’re the type who wakes up to the sights of tweets, Instagrams and Facebook posts, leave your work email out of the picture. Across multiple genres and decades, Spielberg has known his audience. The 74-year-old cinematic guru had to understand that whatever reservations he’d had about how and where people watched movies didn’t matter as much as making movies that people would see. Perhaps he realized that the world was evolving faster than he was, or that his judgments of streaming were antiquated and, on some level, anti-creative. Whether your remote work arrangements are long-term or temporary, mastering these will help you become a better employee. And if you’ve been working at home during the pandemic without a permanent place to work, it might be time to invest in a more permanent home office solution.

The professional creates the material and each customer who purchases its content. In addition, keep in mind the importance of having a space to work and adjust whatever is necessary.

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Go for a short walkaround your block or read a few pages of the book you’re working on. For remote workers, it can be easy to take 5–10 minutes at the end of the hour to do a few basic chores to try and keep up with housework.

Smaller businesses might be more likely to hire for freelance positions, hoping to work closely with an artist that will help them capture their vision. Freelancer allows employers to post projects for freelancers to bid on or make direct offers to freelancers they’re interested in.

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